Here at Think Bike Gear we offer main dealer support and qualities whilst giving you the best possible price.
Whilst you wait for your work to be carried out take the weight off your feet, connect up to the free WiFi in Snackers corner where food and drink is available. 
Our head mechanic who has spent a good number of years as a race mechanic in different categories of British championships. There is no job he hasn't tackled yet; with over 40 years worth under his belt we are proud to have him as a member of our team!
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Oil replaced with high quality Putoline/Motul oil
Oil filter replaced with genuine filter or strainer cleaned
Sump washer replaced as required
Chain cleaned, lubed & adjusted
Tyre pressures checked & adjusted
Pivot points lubed
Free Tea or Coffee while you wait
Full health check covering Tyres, Chain, Light + Many more
Access to special maintenance offers
ACF 50 Treatment
Fluid check & top up if required
5% Christmas shop discount
Full access to Snackers Corner
Custom work performed on bike as per customers requirements
e.g. Shaft Oil, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Fluid Changes

We are offering a range of winter service deals, most shops offer a winter service package where they just do your oil and filter but don't bother with things such as tyre pressures or chain care. Not only do we provide such service as a level 1 package, we offer even more on our level 2 packages such ACF50 treatment, fluid levels and even reward you with an extra 5% off discount card for instore! Our prices are already the best in the Northwest so it is guaranteed you will be made up with your visit!

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Upto 50cc £35 £50 Call
Upto 125cc £45 £60 Call
Upto 250cc £55 £70 Call
Upto 750cc £65 £80 Call
Upto 1000cc Semi Synthetic £75 £90 Call
Upto 1000cc Fully Synthetic £85 £100 Call
1000cc + Semi Synthetic £85 £100 Call
1000cc + Fully Synthetic £95 £110 Call

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